Best 10 Tips for Cure for Newborn Hiccups

Common and innocuous, newborn hiccups often resolve without intervention. If you want to reduce your newborn's hiccups, try these ten tips:

1. Feed Slowly

Whether you're nursing or giving your baby a bottle, make sure they eat at a slow, relaxed pace, swallowing slowly to avoid taking in too much air and getting hiccups.

2. Burp Frequently

Stop feeding your baby and burp them often, because hiccups can be caused by air getting stuck in the stomach. Burping lets air out and keeps you from feeling uncomfortable.

3. Keep Baby Upright

Hold your baby up for 10 to 15 minutes after feeding them to help their stomach and stop reflux, which can cause hiccups.

4. Pacifier Use

Giving a baby a pacifier can sometimes help calm them down because it triggers a reflex that stops the hiccup loop.

5. Gentle Patting

Some babies can get rid of hiccups by having their backs lightly patted or rubbed in a circle motion. This helps the diaphragm work better.

6. Tummy Time

Do tummy time with your baby while you watch. This pose can help strengthen their abdominal muscles and lower the number of times they hiccup.

7. Avoid Overfeeding

Be careful not to feed your baby too much, as this can cause hiccups and other problems. Watch for your baby's signs that he or she is hungry or full.

8. Comfortable Clothing

Make sure your baby is wearing comfortable, loose clothes that don't squeeze the stomach. This will make breathing and digestion easy.

9. Room Environment

Make sure the room where your baby sleeps is calm, quiet, and the right temperature. The surroundings can affect how well your baby relaxes and digests.

10. Stay Calm

Most of the time, hiccups are normal and nothing to worry about when a baby is born. Stay calm and encourage your child when they have hiccups.

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