Coin Collector’s Dream: 7 More $1,200+ Rare Gem

Discovering a rare gem thrills coin collectors like nothing else. Due to their rarity, historical significance, and condition, some numismatic treasures sell for over $1,200. This article discusses seven more of these rare coins, each a collector's fantasy.

Gold Coronet Double Eagle 1849  

Classic numismatics include the 1849 Coronet Head Gold Double Eagle. This was one of the first $20 gold coins made by the US Mint during the California Gold Rush.   

The 1916 Mercury Dime  

Important Mercury Dime rarities include 1916-D. The lowest Mercury Dime mintage is 264,000. Collectors prise this rare coin, especially in higher grades. Age, beauty, and scarcity make 1916-D desirable. Very good copies of this dime can sell for over $1,200 uncirculated.  

3-Legged Buffalo Nickel 1937-D 

An inadvertent mint flaw polished the buffalo's front leg off the die, creating this rare Buffalo Nickel. The 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel's provenance and distinctiveness attract collectors.   

Flowing Hair 1794 Silver Dollar  

The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was an early US silver dollar. Its age, rarity, and historical significance make it prized. Few mintages and good examples of this numismatic legend exist. Preserved examples can cost over $1,200.  

Morgan 1893 Silver Dollar 

At 100,000 pieces, the 1893-S, the Morgan Dollar king, has the lowest mintage. Due its frequent circulation, few received exceptional scores, making it rare. Morgan Dollar collectors consider the 1893-S a holy grail, which affects its worth.  

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die 

The 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent is a famous American error coin. Due to minting misalignment, these cents contain multiple inscriptions and dates.  

Sacagawea Dollar 2000   

Modern rarities include the 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar (Cheerios). These coins, featured in Cheerios cereal boxes, have a unique tail feather detail. This delivery method was rare, with only 5,500.  


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