This Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $60K Value: 8 More Worth Over $6,000

Some coin collecting treasures are hidden in plain sight. Certain quarters stand out for their historical significance and incredible monetary value.   

1976 Bicentennial Quarter—Nearly $60,000.  

It pleases 1976 quarter collectors. The back has 1776-1976 and a drummer. Its 40% silver makes it rare and valuable. Others were released, but collector sets dominated. This unusual type sells for $60,000 in good condition.  

Over $20,000: 1932-D Washington Quarter  

Important date for collectors: 1932-D Washington quarter. One of the smallest Washington quarter mintages is 436,800. In good condition, this quarter is worth over $20,000. First Washington quarter rarity and historical significance pull.  

About $15,000: 1932-S Washington Quarter 

Like the Denver, the 1932-S is popular. Despite a bigger mintage than the 1932-D, uncirculated examples are rare. Rare $15,000 beautiful quarters.

1942-P Proof Washington Quarters cost $12,000.  

Low mintage in proof sets makes 1942-P proof quarter rare. These mirror-like apartments were planned. Due to its strike quality, a rare and well-preserved 1942-P proof quarter might sell for $12,000.  

1950-D/S Overmintmark Quarter—possibly $10,000  

This quarter's Denver mintmark appears above the San Francisco mintmark, an uncommon error. Due to its late discovery, collectors like this mistake. A solid quarter is worth $10,000.  

1937-S Washington Quarter—Almost $8,000.  

Washington series 1937-S quarter, rare. This quarter is rare uncirculated due to limited mintage. Great examples of this rarity cost $8,000 or more.  

1943-S Washington Quarter—$6,000+  

Quality 1943-S quarters are rare due to wartime metal consumption. Excellent quarters from this year cost over $6,000. Collectors want them.  

The $6,000+ 1950-S/D Overmintmark Quarter  

1950 S/D quarter overmark. The San Francisco mintmark covers Denver. Good mistake coins cost over $6,000.  


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